What is a Good Life? #1 (Podcast)

A Jungian Approach to Life with Laurence Barrett

Good day to you all,

I hope your year has got off to a peaceful and fruitful start.

Following on from the last version of this newsletter, I am really happy to share with you the first edition of the What is a Good Life? Podcast & Newsletter. I intend to publish a podcast episode with a short newsletter every two weeks to begin with (Tuesdays), graduating to once a week when the process is more streamlined.

Structure (from the next edition onwards)

Every two weeks, I will share the following with members of this mailing list:

  1. A short video with an excerpt from the conversation (as above)

  2. A new podcast episode (audio for now - as below)

  3. My personal reflections inspired by the conversation (starting with the next edition)

  4. Questions for your own personal reflection (as below)

The purpose of the podcast and newsletter is to share content and conversations that provide you with new perspectives and tools, that assist you in shaping your own answer to this question. The interviews will be genuine conversations which I hope exhibit a more authentic expression of what it is to be human, beyond the pretences we often erect.

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This week’s interview

This week’s guest is Laurence Barrett. Laurence has recently written a book, A Jungian Approach to Coaching: The Theory and Practice of Turning Leaders into People, and is the founder of a consultancy group, Heresy, which focuses on Psychodynamic and Jungian Leadership and Organisational Development Consulting. In this conversation we explore how the work of Carl Jung has influenced Laurence's approach to life and, amongst other things, the significance of simply paying attention in our lives. Laurence is a wonderful source of knowledge; I enjoyed this conversation immensely, and I hope you will too.

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(Since recording this episode, I have a new mic and am using a different recording platform, so the audio and video quality will improve from here on out)

This week’s questions for personal reflection

  1. Is there something you are trying to change about yourself, for some time now, that may just need more understanding and compassion rather than more force and effort?

  2. What comes to mind first, when you think of allowing yourself to redeem yourself? (from video above)

About Me

I am a Coach based in Berlin, via Dublin, Ireland. I left behind a 15-year career in Capital Markets after I became extremely curious around what life, myself, and existence are all about.

I work with high-performing, individual clients who have hit their material goals and are trying to understand what comes after performance. I have also created a Corporate program (based on the question What is a Good Life?) for teams to foster greater trust, human connection, and diversity of thought within high-performing teams (click here for reference).

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