Project Background

Over 3 months, I interviewed 100+ people for 45 minutes around the question, “what is a good life?”. I was intrigued to see how individuals from CEOs to those in between jobs, from bankers to artists, from those in their 20s to late 60s, would respond to the question.

The purpose of this newsletter is to spark and support your personal inquiry into what is a good life for you. We are all our own unique bundle of things, in need of our own particular answer.

Through following this weekly newsletter, I hope that it gets easier to navigate one of life’s biggest questions.

The Structure

The newsletter is structured into 4 separate sections, as follows:

1. This week’s interview – direct excerpts from an individual interview

2. This week’s insight – an overall insight from reviewing 100+ interviews collectively

3. This week’s reflection – a personal reflection, from me, on the weekly theme

4.  This week’s questions - questions for you to contemplate to prompt your own inquiry

Something to keep in mind when exploring the question

No matter someone’s age or level of success, despite being told during our pre-interview chat, that the very first question would be, “What is a good life for you?”, the question was invariably greeted with a big exhale or nervous laughter.

Despite most of us trying to figure out what works better for us in life, or how can we make it more enjoyable or meaningful, when it comes to explicitly discussing or exploring the topic, the question can feel overwhelming or too large to navigate.

With some of the bigger questions in life, we shy away and step back from them when we don’t have an immediate or succinct answer. However, there’s lot to be gained and understood from sitting in the confusion or uncertainty.

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Sharing excerpts, themes and insights from over 100 interviews around the question, "what is a good life?". Content to inspire you to define your own answer.


Mark McCartney
Exploring myself, people, and reality, in a bid to make a little more sense of it all. Coach and writer based in Berlin.